Family of man killed in SB officer-involved shooting files civil rights suit

 Eric Logan
Eric Logan (WNDU)
Published: Jun. 26, 2019 at 9:16 PM EDT
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The estate of the man killed in an officer-involved shooting outside South Bend's Central High Apartments has filed a civil rights suit against the city of South Bend and the officer who shot him.

The lawsuit, which is filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, claims the "case is about the shooting death of an African American 54-year-old father of seven … by a white South Bend police officer."

some time around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, June 16, in the Central High parking lot. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition and pronounced dead.

Police say Logan approached the officer who shot him with a knife raised after police were called to the scene for reports of a suspicious person going through cars in the parking lot.

The officer who shot Logan has since been


The lawsuit claims O'Neill used excessive deadly force, violating Logan's 14th Amendment rights. The suit specifically invokes the equal protection clause, which requires that people in similar circumstances be treated the same under the law.

For the text of the full lawsuit,


The shooting has led to activism on Logan's behalf in South Bend,

to address issues in the city.

Part of the unrest over the shooting stems from the announcement from the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office that

prior to the shooting.

In addition to protests and community discussions, St. Joseph County Prosecuting Attorney Ken Cotter

Monday to investigate the shooting and determine whether criminal charges are warranted.