Woman to spend 2 years in prison after killing 7-year-old with car

 Briyson Councell and Kayla Bennett
Briyson Councell and Kayla Bennett (WNDU)
Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 12:14 PM EST
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Kayla Bennett, the woman who pleaded guilty to hitting and killing 7-year-old Briyson Councell, is now in prison.

Briyson was killed when he was

with his sister in June 2018.

Briyson's family knows Bennett going to jail isn't going to fix anything, but they can't help but feel disappointed by the judge's decision.

Bennett ran over Briyson with her car, under the influence of marijuana after being told not to park her car in the place where kids play multiple times. And according to an attorney kept on going when she thought she hit a bike, because she had already run it over, so she might as well pull through.

"I don't think justice was served today," said Seth Councell, Briyson's father. "I feel like nothing -- I don't think that's a very long sentence for the pain and the heartache that not only we've all had to endure but our children have had to endure. She's just not very forgiving. Even as she said in there, she really didn't have anything to say."

After those two years, Bennett will be on probation for another six years to make it an eight-year sentence. On top of that, she'll have a 4-year license suspension and pay preliminary restitution of $8,250 for funeral expenses.

"At the end of the day, we just want Briyson back, and that's something that we're never going to get," said Krystal Councell, Briyson's stepmother. "And all we can just hope for is that the judge made the right decision and just focus and remember Briyson for who he really was and not by what happened."

Nobody can fight the sentencing, but there is a message to spread here. Bennett's body had both active and inactive levels of marijuana in her system in amounts that would have been over the legal limit in states allowing recreational marijuana.

"If we're going to legalize it, people need to be responsible, need to be responsible and understand that it does and can impair you," said the family's attorney, Vince Campiti. "And be careful."

But the family is disappointed knowing Bennett never got that warning before taking a life.

"It doesn't really change anything," said Brittany Councell, Briyson's mother. "He's still gone no matter what we do, no matter what kind of sentence she would have got. It wouldn't bring him back. It's just disgusting it was only a two-year -- I think it's absolutely disgusting. Two years in jail for killing my son? And having no remorse or apology or anything for it whatsoever. And to hear the things that she said when her statement was read was disgusting. Justice was not served today, and my son is probably really disappointed in that."

Immediately after her sentencing, Bennett was taken to prison to start her two-year term.

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