Medical Moment: New hip replacement lets patient regain mobility

Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 8:23 PM EST
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About 500,000 total hip replacements are done in the U.S. every year.

Even though joint replacements reduce pain and improve the ability to perform daily activities, sometimes they can limit a person’s range of motion.

But a new type of hip replacement lets patients have a full range of motion without fear of dislocation.

47-year-old Angelica Kodosky is grateful she can do yoga. This active mom of two was suffering with hip pain due to arthritis.

“Wake up … pain. Tie my shoes … pain,” Angelica says. “I stopped doing yoga, which was one of my favorite things to do because, yes, I was in so much pain.”

Angelica knew she would need a hip replacement but feared she could not continue yoga without causing damage to her new hip.

“Certain activities---yoga, Pilates, waterskiing---things that I think could potentially put them at high risk for dislocation,” says Craig J. Della Valle, doctor at Rush University Medical.

That’s why Dr. Della Valle suggested a dual mobility hip replacement. Unlike a traditional hip replacement where a single ball moves inside a socket, the dual mobility system has an additional implant.

“You’ve got either a metal or ceramic ball, a larger ball on top of it and a metal liner which goes into the cup,” Della Valle says. “So, it’s a slightly more complicated bearing system.”

But the system reduces the risk for dislocation, which is the number one reason for hip replacement failure. And it can “potentially provide the patient with better range of motion to do certain activities that normally we wouldn’t be enthused about them doing that require higher degrees of range of motion,” Della Valle says.

Angelica did the dual mobility hip replacement and is feeling better than ever.

I had the life I had before and I’m very happy,” she says.

The operation and recovery for a dual hip replacement is the same as a traditional one.

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