Kelly says execution, not Chip Long, is the reason for offensive struggles

Fri Nov 08 20:35:37 PST 2019

Kelly says execution, not Chip Long, is the reason for offensive struggles

After averaging just fewer than 40 points per game after the first six games of the year, the Irish have averaged 17 1/2 points per game over the last two weeks against Michigan and Virginia Tech.

Peaceful protest in Warsaw Wednesday

Peaceful protest in Warsaw Wednesday

Emergency responders search for man missing in Bass Lake

Emergency responders are searching for a man who went missing in a Starke County lake Tuesday.

Revamped Tippecanoe Place Restaurant opens Wednesday

The revamped Tippecanoe Place Restaurant will be opening its doors Wednesday under the new name Studebaker Grill and Brewing Company.

Two-part South Bend Schools Referendum approved

A $54 million referendum request to address building needs passed by a margin of better than 4,800 votes.

Bailey Betzer stuck with diving and earned a scholarship at Indiana State

"Once I got into it, once I got better at it, I started liking it a lot more," Betzer said. "Honestly, all of my dives have gotten better. Ive been wanting to try more and more things."

St. Joseph County Parks offering weekly free hikes throughout June

If you're looking for a way to get out of the house, Saint Joseph County Parks is offering free guided hikes every Wednesday in June.

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After more officers charged, a fragile peace falls over George Floyd protests

Some cities are crediting curfews with curtailing the looting and violence seen earlier in the week, but in Brooklyn, New York, officers clashed with protesters shortly after Wednesday's curfew began.

George Floyd had coronavirus, autopsy says

The 20-page document released by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office says an April 3 test on Floyd was positive for the virus’ genetic code, or RNA.

'Not going to be peace in the streets': D.C. protesters vow to persist and defy Trump

Perimeter around the White House pushed farther back Wednesday after a relatively peaceful standoff between police and protesters on Tuesday.

George Floyd's death a painful reminder of Chicago's history of police brutality

"It's a repeated trauma to continuously watch police officers kill our black and brown brothers and sisters with no remedy," an activist said.

Protests show no sign of fading more than a week after George Floyd's death

"We want change," demonstrators in Washington, D.C., chanted.