Frost Advisory in effect until 8am

Tue Oct 15 04:29:19 PDT 2019

Frost Advisory in effect until 8am

Tracking afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms Tuesday. Meteorologist Kimberly Newman has a look at the forecast.

A more tolerable evening

Lots of clouds and temperatures in the lower 30s to start the evening. We should see partial clearing overnight, with colder conditions developing...

FBI executes search warrant at South Bend Family Dentistry

The FBI executed a federal search warrant at South Bend Family Dentistry on Thursday morning.

South Bend homeless housing plan delayed

A meeting on the subject Thursday drew a standing room-only crowd.

Plant-based eating: The lowdown

It's the latest craze in the food industry: plant-based diets. So, is it really healthier? Lindsay Stone investigates.

Marian's Hunter Renner is ready for regionals

16 News Now Sports Reporter Megan Smedley caught up with one of the top punters in the country, Hunter Renner, to see how the Knights are gearing up for Friday night's showdown with Knox.

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'Horrifying': California school shooting shatters a safe haven

"I think it's becoming more and more the norm. And it's horrifying for us," says the community's former congresswoman — who attended the school.

Santa Clarita, California, school shooting leaves 2 students dead, multiple injured

After the shooting, authorities engaged in an intensive search for the gunman, not realizing immediately that he was among the six people wounded.

Mother-in-law posing as teen catches son-in-law trying to solicit photos from boys online

An investigation revealed that Ryan Budde of Iowa had chat sessions with young boys, where he pretended to be a 15-year-old virgin, authorities said.

New Jersey hits Uber with $640 million tax bill for misclassifying workers

The state says the ride hail giant wrongly labeled employees as independent contractors.

Army veteran becomes oldest college football player

At age 33, Staff Sergeant Joshua Griffin is the oldest player on a major college football team this year.