South Bend man has piece of Apollo 11 capsule

Tue Jul 16 15:47:35 PDT 2019

South Bend man has piece of Apollo 11 capsule

While Jack Driver wasnt in the Apollo 11 capsule, at one point he was close enough to touch it and he has proof.

First Friday and tree lighting in downtown South Bend draws big crowd

It is beginning to look like Christmas in downtown South Bend. Santa came to town in his sleigh Friday, with mayor-elect James Mueller.

Notre Dame prepares for rest of season without Carmody

Notre Dame Men's Basketball is preparing for another early ACC matchup tomorrow with Boston College and they're doing so without Robby Carmody.

Tree lighting in downtown South Bend

First Fridays kicks off a month-long celebration for the holidays. Friday many gathered for a tree lighting and to visit Santa.

18 French Bulldog puppies reported stolen in rural Middlebury

18 French Bulldog puppies reported stolen in rural Middlebury

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PG&E agrees to pay California wildfire victims $13.5 billion in damages

The settlement is subject to bankruptcy court approval.

8-year-old reportedly strip-searched during prison visit

The girl was visiting her father when she was led to believe that if she didn't remove her clothes she wouldn't be able to see him, according to reports.

Suspected shooter at Naval Air Station Pensacola was Saudi Air Force member

Saudi Arabia is "going to owe a debt here given that it was one of their individuals," Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said. "The government of Saudi Arabia needs to make things better for these victims."

Man who tweeted $500 offer to kill ICE agent is acquitted

Brandon Ziobrowski's attorney said the tweet in 2018 was made in jest.

Daredevils jump 800+ feet on West Virginia ‘holiday’

Our Gadi Schwartz went to West Virginia for the annual Bridge Day, the one day every year when the New River Gorge Bridge closes off traffic and opens to pedestrians, to allow them to watch BASE jumpers fly 876 feet into the gorge below.