Mick Jagger heart surgery explained; TAVR less invasive than open-heart

Thu Apr 18 16:14:24 PDT 2019

Mick Jagger heart surgery explained; TAVR less invasive than open-heart

Doctors at Elkhart General (Beacon Health) explain TAVR, a minimally invasive heart valve procedure.

Tracking a few storms late Thursday

Meteorologist Kimberly Newman has an eye on the radar as storms arrive Thursday.

Indiana University campuses opening this fall

Indiana University campuses opening this fall

Penn HS alum involved in SpaceX launch

1997 graduate Jon Edwards is a key engineer with the historic launch set for Saturday.

Wednesday PM Weather

It has been another day with showers and storms popping up in the afternoon. We have more on the way for Thursday and early Friday, but the weekend is looking great. Meteorologist Cindi Clawson has the details in her Wednesday evening forecast.

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NBC News Headlines

Protest over George Floyd death turns violent, deadly in Minneapolis

Minneapolis police once again used tear gas as widespread looting and multiple fires were reported at the protest.

Memorial Day crowds were a wake-up call — states need mandatory masks now

The White House has failed to lead by example. It's up to state leaders to issue face covering mandates.

School will be back soon in Britain. Teachers and students may not be.

"There is no such thing as social distancing in a school — it does not exist and would never exist," one principal wrote in an open letter to parents.

China approves draft security law critics say endangers Hong Kong's status, freedoms

"Hong Kong, in many ways, has become the new Berlin: the new meeting point of a big argument of big disagreement between two major powers."

Soldier thwarts active shooter on Kansas bridge, police say

The service member was described as an active-duty soldier who rammed the suspect with a vehicle.