Looking for a copy of a local story that aired on 16 News Now?

You can purchase a DVD or digital download of a story so it’s yours to keep. Please contact one of the following companies: Columbus News Clips 5960 Hildenboro Drive, Dublin OH 43017614-798-9988888-283-8138 news@columbusnewsclips.com

Viewers referred by Gray Television (WNDU’s parent company) will be charged a maximum of $99 per CD, DVD, transcript, or digital download for a clip of 10 minutes or less. When requesting a copy, make sure you can provide a brief description of the story, what day it aired, and the newscast during which it aired. Copies are only available for 60 days after a story’s initial air date.

BurrellesLuce Bill Werner Business Development Phone: (480) 834-2814

Alfred Cox Director, Business Development 333 West 39th Street, Suite 902 New York, New York 10018 Phone: (646) 274-5596

Critical Mention Phone: (866) 263-1291Order Online: www.findmyclip.com Fees are determined by the monitoring companies.