Restaurant Report Card

Michiana Eats: The Tipsy Biscuit

Michiana Eats: Broad Street Cafe

Michiana Eats: Gabrizio Italian Cafe & Bakery

Michiana Eats: Hotdogeddy's

Michiana Eats: The Savory Kernel - Craft Popcorn

Michiana Eats: Mason Jar Cafe

Michiana Eats: South Side Soda Shop-Diner

Michiana Eats: L Street Kitchen

Michiana Eats: Macadoo's Family Restaurant

Michiana Eats: Zale Drugs

Michiana Eats: Caffe Tosi

Michiana Eats: Jim's Smokin' Cafe

Michiana Eats: Diner on 12th

Michiana Eats: South Bend Farmers Market Cafe

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'Racist' runway show leads to Fashion Institute officials put on leave

"Those in charge of and responsible for overseeing the show failed to recognize or anticipate the racist references and cultural insensitivities," the college president said.

Video shows police officer arresting 6-year-old girl at school

The officer put zip ties around the child's wrists as she cried and pleaded to be let go.

Do guns and drinks mix at home? Court hearing man's case

Having a few too many at home shouldn't make handling one's own firearm illegal, according to an Ohio man challenging his arrest on a charge of possessing a weapon while intoxicated.

White House seeks $2.5B for coronavirus, but Pelosi says that's not enough

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the request was long overdue and inadequate and that the House would advance its own funding package.

Denver's pit bull ban stays on books after veto override falls short

Denver's City Council approved overturning the ban, the mayor vetoed that and the override vote fell one vote short.