2nd Chance: Popeye

Pet Vet: Arthritis

2nd Chance: Boomer

2nd Chance: Roadie

2nd Chance: Tiegan

2nd Chance: Shiloh

2nd Chance: Dolly

Pet Vet: Dental Health

2nd Chance: Hefin & Hayes

2nd Chance: Isabella

Pet Vet: Kidneys

2nd Chance: Poppy

2nd Chance: Maximus

Pet Vet: Treats

2nd Chance: Tris

2nd Chance: Fur Mix-a-lot

Pet Vet: Cold Weather

2nd Chance: Roman

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Mississippi flooding: Up to 1,000 homes feared affected

While the swollen Pearl River has crested at its third-highest recorded level, Mississippi's governor warned that the state is not in the clear yet.

Failed building demolition creates the 'leaning tower of Dallas'

300 pounds of dynamite couldn't topple the concrete and steel core of the former Affiliated Computer Services tower.

Ex-boyfriend arrested after sex therapist Amie Harwick falls from balcony

Gareth Pursehouse, 41, was arrested on a murder charge Saturday, police said. Harwick is a former fiancée of comedian Drew Carey.

These prosecutors want radical criminal justice change. Barr is fighting to stop them.

With progressive district attorneys on the march, Attorney General William Barr delivered a blistering attack speech.

Proposed ban on assault weapons rejected by Virginia lawmakers

The legislation would have prohibited the sale of certain semiautomatic firearms, including popular AR-15 style rifles.