2nd Chance: Moana

2nd Chance: Stella

2nd Chance: Mallory

Ask the Doctor: GERD, Restless Legs Syndrome and migraines

2nd Chance: Rey

Second Chance: Adopt Rocco

2nd Chance: Julia and Steven

2nd Chance: Meet Blue

2nd Chance: Luneca

Truck driver rescues puppy left in Fort Wayne trash bin

Humane Society reviewing applications for dogs subjected to testing

2nd Chance: T.J.

2nd Chance: Meet Rocky

'Game of Thrones'-inspired pet adoption event kicks off

2nd Chance: Lou

2nd Chance: Daffodil

Man unable to prove dog found at another home is the same dog he lost

Adopt-A-Pet: Tara

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'SNL' closes season with a song for Trump: 'Don't Stop Me Now'

"You can’t subpoena him, he’s going to obstruct," sang Aidy Bryant as White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Housing crisis has Seattle weighing end of single-family homes

Can the city solve its housing crisis by doing away with single-family homes?

Police secrecy law keeps public in the dark about police misconduct

"It's been five years — five years we've been on the front lines trying to get justice, and they're still trying to sweep it under the rug," Eric Garner's mother said.

Jimmy Carter to skip Sunday school duties while recovering from broken hip

The 39th president cherished his time teaching Sunday school in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

Trump administration identifies at least 1,700 additional children it may have separated

The children were separated from their parents before the government's "zero tolerance" policy went into effect in May 2018.