Who Killed JFK? Michiana native says it's not the usual suspect

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Michiana native says she knows Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate JFK. Judyth Vary Baker stopped in South Bend Wednesday to share her book ‘Me and Lee: How I Came to Know, Love, and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald.’

Born in South Bend, Baker says she had a love affair with Oswald in the summer of 1963—months before Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas.

“Lee was framed,” said Baker. “He was actually a double agent.”

Baker grew up in Niles and later moved to Florida for high school and college. As a sophomore at the University of Florida, she did cancer research in New Orleans. Unbeknownst to Baker, she was working on a “super-virus” to help kill Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“That’s why [Oswald] pretended to be pro-Castro, so he could get these [other] spies out of New Orleans,” continued Baker.

Even further, Baker says the State Department gave Oswald special privileges.

“I shook the hand of the man who actually got Lee’s passport done in 24 hours. You can’t do that if you’re a Communist and a real defector,” said Baker.

She and Oswald were in contact 37 hours before Kennedy’s assassination. Still, Baker says Oswald was wrongly accused.

“Imagine that. This man was blamed with the murder of Kennedy the first day Kennedy was shot,” she said. “[The government] never wavered, never looked anywhere else.”

Two days after Kennedy’s death, nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald as he left the Dallas Police Department. Baker hailed Oswald “a patriot.”

“He was willing to risk his life to try to penetrate the Iron Curtain, which he did for three years. Then, he came back, and he had to marry a woman out of convenience,” said Baker. “Otherwise, they were going to deport him.”

Baker says her Midwest roots shaped her integrity.

“People—if they know you’re from the heartland like [Michiana]—you know, we’ve got that going for us,” said Baker. “We’re not going to lie. We care about our country.”

Baker will visit 32 cities across the United States to promote ‘Me and Lee’ in hopes of sharing the Oswald she knew. She also plans to do a book tour in Europe, where she now lives.

Baker will host a book signing and discussion at 1 p.m., Thursday, November 13 at Barnes and Noble in Mishawaka. At 6 p.m., she will host a similar event at the Niles District Library.