Volunteers help repair and clean City Cemetery headstones

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. South Bend's oldest cemetery is getting a face lift one headstone at a time.

Volunteers were out at City Cemetery Saturday morning scrubbing down and cleaning up headstones.

For some headstones, it means transformation from dark and grime-covered, to sparkling white.

Volunteers have the opportunity to repair recent damage to broken and vandalized stones in addition to getting a free lesson on symbolism and history of the cemetery.

Established in 1832, City Cemetery is the final resting place for Revolutionary and Civil War veterans in addition to South Bend's founding fathers.

Steve Szaday, a preservation specialist at the Historic Preservation Commission, said, “You're also going to have the simpler ones. It didn't matter in City Cemetery - race or religion - it didn't matter here. There are paupers buried next to the Studebakers.”

The next headstone cleaning volunteer day is scheduled for July 18th from nine a.m. until noon.