Video shows Michigan motorist pulled from car, beaten by cop

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INKSTER, Mich. More than 50 people have marched outside a Detroit-area police department to demand the firing of two white officers involved in the aggressive arrest of a black man who was pulled from his car and punched in the head many times.

Police on the scene say 57-year-old Floyd Dent yelled "I'll kill you" at the officers, but the video recordings don't have audio.

According to WDIV, police said Dent refused to put his hands behind his back. Dent said he thought he was being choked to death and tried to pull the officers’ arms away from his throat.

Video of the bloody January arrest was aired by TV station WDIV.

Inkster Police Chief Vicki Yost met protesters Wednesday and said the incident is being investigated by Michigan State Police. She says the officers are on paid leave.

The Rev. Charles Williams II threatened to "shut Inkster down until we get justice." Yost says she's not hiding anything but won't take further action until the investigation is completed.

The video aired Tuesday night shows one police officer repeatedly beating Dent in the head.

Watch the video and read more about this contoversial arrest