Van Buren man caught after committing two home invasions

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VAN BUREN Co.--- A Van Buren man faces three felony counts linked to two separate home invasions.

The Van Buren Sheriff's Dept. responded to a call about a home invasion in progress that had just occurred at a residence on County Road 653 in Almena Township.

Deputies learned from the victim that a white colored vehicle with specific and distinct markings had fled a residence after attempting to gain entry into the home using force.

At the same time a deputy was handling a home invasion complaint that had recently occurred just a few miles away.

A deputy then broadcasted a vehicle description of the suspect to deputies in the area after getting a picture of the vehicle that the victim had taken as the suspect was fleeing the property.

A few seconds later, a deputy observed a vehicle matching the description broadcast and made contact with the driver.

Officers were able to locate tools used in the home invasions, stolen personal property and stolen handgun ammunition.

The suspect later admitted to the crimes during an interview, and is currently being lodged in the Van Buren County Jail on three felony charges.

The charges include, home invasion of an occupied residence, home invasion of an unoccupied residence and being a felon in possession of stolen firearm ammunition.

The name of the individual involved will be released after his arraignment.