UPDATE: Valparaiso hostage hoax suspect identified by police officer cousin

Court documents offer new details about this week’s hostage hoax at Valparaiso University.

Those documents indicate that the culprit’s cousin played a key role in facilitating an arrest.

The student who allegedly phoned in the phony threat is described as being a recluse, who was “extremely quiet and distant.”

Court documents indicate that 20 year old Michael Clemens was on the phone with dispatchers for 20 to 25 minutes on Tuesday night and that he made the call from a bathroom at Gellerson Hall.

According to court documents, Clemens told police he had at least two hostages, that he had a gun, and access to explosives.

At one point, Clemens talked about someone getting too close, before he “slapped the metal walls” to simulate the sound of gunfire and said “I just shot someone.”

Caller ID was blocked and police officers who rushed to campus evacuated and searched the library but were unable to find any signs of a hostage situation.
Officer Dan Dickey was on duty that night for the Porter County Sheriff’s Department when he overheard the scanner traffic.

Officer Dickey became suspicious that the person who called in the threat may be his cousin: a Valparaiso University student who had suffered with depression and who was capable of such behavior.

Officer Dickey listened to a recording of the phone threat and positively identified his cousin’s voice.

The court documents indicate that Clemens later admitted to police that he made the call, and that he was “acting out his frustrations.”