Uceny family, fans tell about watching her run for Olympics spot

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With the hot weather that Michiana is experiencing, many people are probably enjoying swimming.

As NewsCenter16’s photojournalist Don Schoenfeld shows us that, in Plymouth, everyone was talking about running.

Home-grown runner Morgan Uceny won Monday night's Olympic trials in the 1,500 meters, earning her a trip to the 2012 London Olympics. Family members and fans told about what the night was like in their own words.

"Everybody in Plymouth was glued to the TV set," said Roy Benge, Morgan's high school track coach.

"I was really nervous for her just because her mom used to drive my bus back in the day," said Kalyn Hirschy of Plymouth.

"She was involved in 4H, basketball, and like I said, there is an example of the work ethic that she displayed. She washed buses when she was probably this big," said Benge.

"So then the race actually started,” said Unceny’s cousin, Trisha Neidlinger. “You're so nervous, you get butterflies, you know she's going to make it, I mean she was number one in the world, but your there in front of the TV and you're going, go mo! Go mo!"

"She's like in third, she needs to hurry up!,” said Hirschy. “My mom was like pacing in the living room and I was like biting my nails all nervous and stuff."

"It's really cool because she actually went to my school, my former school at river side intermediate," said young Colin Harding of Plymouth.

"Morgan Uceny, my cousin, you know who ran at Lincoln junior high track, you know, went to Plymouth high school. It's just crazy," said Neidlinger

"Morgan spent a lot of time here, it was a situation where she brought a lot of girls out with her and lifted our whole team, and the competitive spirit of our whole team," said Benge

"My mom and dad were all up on their feet and so was my little brother. Like once she crossed the finish line we were like, yeah Morgan!" said Harding.

"It's unreal, to actually cross that finish line and blow that kiss, and know that her dream is true and she is going to the Olympics," said Neidlinger.

"She's just an average girl who decided to give her life to running," said Harding.

"I mean it gives life to anyone out there, small town girl, Plymouth Indiana. You know was in 4H, showed cows, anyone, keep with your dreams, it's possible, it can be done," said Neidlinger.