Two elderly people injured after losing control of their car

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A breaking news update, a rollover car accident sends an elderly couple to the hospital, after their car went out of control.

It was a harrowing trip, they were leaving Tom's Car Care on Bendix when something caused the driver to accelerate. That sent the car through a wooded area, sliding down into a private parking lot, hitting another car and ultimately rolling over onto the roof.

South Bend Firefighters say the couple was conscious and speaking to paramedics. They were able to stabilize the car and get the couple out.

Thankfully and somewhat amazingly, despite the condition of their car, the couple didn't suffer life-threatening injuries.

Al Kirsits, Bat. Chief South Bend Fire Dept., explains how lucky the passengers where, “There’s some rather large trees in that scrub wood that they came through. If they would have hit one of those large trees they are usually very unforgiving. That could have been a different outcome. They snapped off a few of the small trees able to slow down the force till the car rolled off to its roof.”

The victims did appear to be wearing their seat belts and the car air bags deployed. Both factors that the fire department says helped the couple survive.