Kelly's parents very proud

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Regina and Paul Kelly walked off the field at the LA Coliseum Saturday night beaming with pride.

After all, their son had just defeated USC to send the Irish to the national championship game on January 7th.

"It's hard to describe," Brian Kelly's dad Paul told NewsCenter 16 minutes after the big win. "It's a great thing. We are so proud of him, this university and this team--just a group of tremendous kids. To see Brian do this year after year, makes us so proud."

"He works so so hard to do it," Kelly's mom Regina says in her thick Massachusetts accent. "It's such a great honor to be here at Notre Dame and with all his great coaches, the staff and all his players that worked so so hard."

So do the Kelly parents really believe all this is happening?

"Well we sorta can," Regina says with a smile.

"We can believe it now," Paul adds. "I mean--we're going to South Florida to play for the national championship so I think I'm convinced."

Their son is looking to becoming the 6th Irish football coach to win a national championship and the 5th to do it in his 3rd season.

Notre Dame will face either Alabama or Georgia in the BCS Title game in Miami.