Try the Porker Challenge in Elkhart

Brothers David and Zach Lucchese, owners of the Bacon Hill Kitchen and Pub, wanted to had add some fun so they came up with the Porker Challenge. It debuted Sept. 8 and has been added to their menu.

If you can eat the sandwich in 30 minutes or less, the meal is free and your picture goes up next to mascot Piggie Smalls.

If you can't...the sandwich costs $35.

The challenge has: four quarter pound patties made with beef and pork. Eight strips of bacon. Four slice of cheddar cheese. Four slice of American cheese. One pound of pulled with barbecue sauce. Nearly one pound of pork belly. Tomato. Lettuce. Tobacco onions. Bacon chile aioli. Seven onion rings on top of the bun around the steak knife. French fries with bacon chile aioli.

So far, six people have attempted to complete the challenge, but only one has done it.

The brothers joined us in studio to tell us more about the challenge.