Toll Road restricted for serious injury crash

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SOUTH BEND A semi driver was seriously injured in a crash on the Toll Road early Friday morning.

The driver hit the Portage Road bridge near mile marker 76 in South Bend. Police say the road was not icy, so they do not know what caused the crash. Witnesses say the truck suddenly jerked left ahead of the impact.

The driver's wife was sleeping in the back compartment of the semi. Police say she slept with her head on the right side of the truck. They say if she had lain down the opposite direction, she likely would have been injured as well. Fortunately, she was not hurt.

It happened in the westbound lanes. The outside lane is expected to remain closed for most of the day. Police say they can not tow the semi away, so they will have to bring in other equipment to remove the wreckage.

The semi carried boxes of magazines. No other vehicles were involved.

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