UPDATE: Police believe Granger chase suspect responsible for recent break-ins

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A high-speed chase in Granger moved to foot late Friday morning, and police believe the suspect may be involved in a recent string of area break-ins.

Earlier in the week, a man led Elkhart County police on a chase in a stolen car.

He managed to get away, but officers believed they recognized him driving the same vehicle Friday morning at around 11 a.m.

The man led multiple officers in a chase down State Road 23.

According to a witness, the driver swerved into the opposite lane's shoulder, barely missing oncoming traffic. He crashed into a telephone pole near Herbert Street.

The driver fled from police and is currently on the run. Police say he's a white man with dark hair.

As of 12:00 p.m, officers had set up a large perimeter near the state line, along State Road 23, Redfield Street, Kline Road, Cherry Road, and Adams Road. Multiple road blocks were in place along some of those residential streets.

Three K-9 units have been called to help aid the search as well.

A Michigan State Police officer told NewsCenter 16 that they believe the suspect in Friday's chase is the person (or one of the people) responsible for a recent string of burglaries along the state line.

"We've had a lot of breaking and entering in Cass County, Michigan, and the suspect vehicle we're looking for, this morning Cass County deputies observed the vehicle, attempted to stop it and it turned into a pursuit," said Sgt. Ryan Schoonveld of the Michigan State Police Department.

Schoonveld wouldn't elaborate why the stolen gold SUV was flagged as the burglar's suspect vehicle, but said detectives working the case were confident it is involved in the recent crimes.

After several hours of searching the woods and fields between Granger subdivisions and campgrounds police said the suspect likely escaped through their perimeter after someone picked him up or on foot.

Thieves breaking into homes along Indiana-Michigan state line
Originally written on June 25 by Joel Porter

Investigators in Indiana and Michigan are trying to catch the people involved in a series of break-ins.

With three break-ins in less than a week, Cass County sheriff's officers are on alert.

“The burglaries have occurred both daytime and evening,” Cass County sheriff’s lieutenant Tom Jacobs said.

“We actually had someone break into our garage twice,” Cass County resident Brenda Handy said.

Lt. Jacobs says thieves are targeting homes near the state line. He's now working with both St. Joseph and Berrien County investigators to find a connection between the most recent break-ins. And people living near the state line say they've seen plenty of suspicious behavior in the last year.

“We're kind of all looking out for each other and you have to do that when you live out here. We're not exactly built right on top of each other, there's quite a distance between our homes,” Handy said.

“Vehicles pulling into your neighbor’s driveway, people walking around in yards where they shouldn't be, please report that right away,” Lt. Jacobs said.

After having their homes and cars broken into, neighbors in Cass County are taking steps to protect themselves, including locking everything up, arming themselves and installing surveillance. And Jacobs is asking those neighbors to keep their eyes open.

“Pay attention to your video and see if you see a car recurring in the video that keeps going by your house. Things like that are invaluable to us,” Lt. Jacobs said.

“I really don't think that you're immune from things happening in the city, they're happening out here as well,” Handy said.
Lt. Jacobs says they don't have a description of a suspect.

But he says the areas that were hit are less than five miles apart, including Mason and Milton townships, along with homes in Granger subdivisions.

Tips for homeowners include shutting your blinds and notifying your neighbors when you plan to be gone.

People may be going door-to-door asking about a lost dog.

If you open the door, that person can see what's in your home, but also can write down the time of day that nobody's home.