Study claims cancer rates higher in Van Buren County

A new report suggests a link between the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant and the number of cancer diagnoses in Van Buren County.

According to our reporting partners at WSJM Radio, the non-profit and controversial group, Beyond Nuclear, recently did a study on the plant.

The study shows the death rates in Van Buren County in the 1970's compared to now. Currently, the rate is 12 percent above Michigan's average.

The study also indicates the county has the state's highest cancer rates. Researchers question if this is because of the Palisades Plant.

A plant spokesperson says multiple other studies show that cancer rates and nuclear power plants aren't related.

However scientists for this study say they're simply asking the questions that should have been asked years ago.

The nuclear regulatory commission once named Palisades one of the worst performing nuclear facilities in the country.