Studies show link between animal cruelty and domestic violence

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Studies show that when the family pet is abused, it's often a red flag for other violent crimes.

Tuesday nationally recognized speaker Phil Arkow spoke with police officers, animal control officers, and child protective services about what's called "The Link."

Hundreds of papers and studies have been written about the connection between animal abuse and human violence.

Arkow speaks with groups around the country hoping to hold animal abusers accountable and to prevent other violent acts down the line.

He says, “What we find is that if you go in on the animal cruelty case, you often find illegal weapons, gambling, drugs, and gang activity. You might find animal fighting and any of the other crimes that go along with it.”

The St. Joseph County Humane Society sponsors the "Pet Safe" program.

They'll take in a pet for two weeks for free while a victim of domestic violence is seeking shelter.