Students take on Earth Day service project

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SOUTH BEND Cross curriculum is apparent at John Adams High School in South Bend where students in a Spanish class are working to teach others about the importance of Earth Day.

Juniors and seniors in Cecilia Stanton's class are writing children's books based on fictitious super heroes. The common goal is saving the community they live in. Students will then share those stories with elementary students at Harrison Primary Center on Wednesday.

"Our group is mainly choosing to focus on pollution, water pollution," said Junior, Nick Day.

Students are also required to create a game or activity to accompany the lesson in order to re-enforce the deeper message within their story.

"I like that we can get multiple things done with just one project. We can not only teach ourselves about this topic, but also teach younger kids about the topic. And also learn Spanish at the same time," said Day.

Students will read the books in Spanish to elementary students during the day. Then, the school will come together in the afternoon to also take part in a planting project at Harrison. As a whole, Stanton and her students agree, the opportunity to get out of the classroom and expand learning in a hands-on way is very beneficial.

"Really showing them they can make a difference, they can make a change, is really important to instill that into the future of our country," said Senior Lydia Moss.

"It's so wonderful to see them explore new ideas and explore new things that they don't learn in the classroom," said Junior Arieanna Eaton.