State of Emergency extended for propane shortage

With this brutally cold winter some Hoosiers are getting good news.

Indiana's State of Emergency regarding propane has been extended. Senator Joe Donnelly made the announcement Friday.

Our bitter winter created a shortage in propane, and caused prices for the gas to skyrocket. Having a State of Emergency means propane deliveries can continue without limitations or disruptions. The original order was set to expire Saturday. It now runs until March 15.

"I'm pleased that a State of Emergency has been extended in Indiana until mid-March,” says Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly. “This will help provide relief for Hoosier families, businesses and farmers who desperately need propane to heat their homes and keep their farms and businesses running."

Earlier in the month, Donnelly joined a group of 29 senators in writing a letter to the President, asking to loosen restrictions on transporting propane to areas with shortages.