School lockdowns lifted after drug bust

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Mishawaka, Ind. A swat operation near Downtown Mishawaka Thurs afternoon prompted a lockdown at two area schools. It all unfolded at a house near the corner of West 6th and Main Streets, near Downtown Mishawaka.

Students at nearby Saint Bavo and Saint Joseph Schools were kept inside as a precaution, until the all-clear was given just before five o'clock.

The bust was a culmination of a month-long investigation into alleged drug activity at the home. Police began their probe after receiving a number of complaints from neighbors and other officers.

They got a warrant to search the residence Thursday. But while they were doing surveillance, two suspects fled the scene. Both were caught after a brief foot chase.

The St. Joseph County SWAT Team was called in to help police arrest six others who were still inside. The raid came as a huge relief to many neighbors, who have been suspicious of those living there for a while.

“Kids walk home around here, so it is nice to know they are watching,” says McKenzie Peck who lives nearby.

“It feels good you know you are doing your job and you are helping people out,” says Lt. David Ryans of the South Bend Police Department. “And I have had several people come up to us and thank us already. Before the search warrant was served we saw the targets leave the house. As we followed them they tried to lose us a little bit they took off running so we chased them down. We ended up catching them but just to be on the safe side we alerted the schools and let them know there are some guys out there running around. So we wanted the safety of the kids. "

In addition to the other suspects, a search of the home also turned up heroin. No one was hurt.

The initial investigation was a joint operation between the South Bend and Mishawaka Police Departments.