Special adoption event held for retired racing greyhounds

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They've made it their mission to help retired racing dogs find forever homes.

Volunteers founded Allies for Greyhounds back in 2006, and have since rescued more than 750 of the dogs.

Two fosters, Nathan Parrow and Nichole Rohrer, stopped by WNDU to talk about their organization and the special adoption events they host.

They're hosting one at Concord Mall in Elkhart on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"We can pretty much find a dog to fit any personality and almost any situation," said Parrow.

Parrow believes the racing industry gets a bad wrap when it comes to how they dogs are treated.

"These are well cared for they, don't have any health problems once they retire. They're one of the greatest dog you can ever have," Parrow insists.

Rohrer agreed. She is what you would consider a foster failure. She began fostering a dog, but fell in love and decided to keep him.

"At first, most people don't know know what a greyhound is and that's what we do," said Rohrer. "There is a dog out there for everyone, especially with greyhounds being as unique as they are."