South Bend man flying American flag upside down

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A lot of Americans fly Old Glory to show their love for our country, but what is the message on display if someone is flying it upside down?

For one South Bend man who says he loves his country, it is a way to show that he is upset with our government.

Jimmy nicely served the country in the military, but is fed up with politics of the past and present.

Not willing to give up on the red, white and blue, he just decided to fly his flag upside down.

“Well, it's an international sign of dire distress, and I know they used it in the Naval for years and all of your Naval ships and stuff use it, but you know the United States is basically my vessel. It's my country and we're in dire distress,” said Nicely. “They need our interests at heart. And our interest isn't in their interests.”

Nicely is hoping that other Americans upset with Washington will do the same and flip their flags upside down.

He believes it is a way to still show patriotism, but also displeasure with the state of our government.

Nicely says he is fed up enough that he was going to flip old glory no matter who won the election.