South Bend fans cheer on Notre Dame in Music City Bowl

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South Bend, Ind. While a stadium full of fans in Nashville watched Notre Dame upset LSU in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, South Bend’s bars and restaurants were brimming with fans rooting for the home team.

Bars near campus like Between the Buns and O’Rourke’s Public House were packed full of fans on the edge of their seats to watch the close match-up.

Patrons could hear a pin drop at O’Rourke’s as senior kicker Kyle Brindza set up the final game-ending kick.

“I was biting my nails, absolutely,” said game-watcher Eric Mueller.

When the field goal made it in for the win, the roar of the crowd seemed to echo onto Eddy Street.

“It's a springboard to recruiting, it’s a springboard to next year, it’s a springboard to keep Jim Harbaugh off our recruits,” said Chicago native Larry Caracciolo. “You know you always want to end your season on a win.”

Notre Dame graduate Ben Mueller said the win came at just the right time.

“It was a year of ups and downs, you know,” Mueller said. “There are a lot of things to be excited about moving into next season. With this finish, I feel happy for the seniors that they got a chance to put the uniform on one more time and come out with a victory.”

Fans like Kevin Noonan said they were most happy about the field goal for Kyle Brindza.

“I’m really happy for him to close out his career making a field goal,” he said. “I mean every team saw those missed field goals for him, you know, so what a great way to end his career.”