Snyders got $600,000 settlement from Roseland

The husband and wife team that once ruled and riled Roseland has quietly moved to Michigan.

“St. Joseph is a beautiful city, a beautiful city on the bluff,” said David Snyder. “The people here are friendly.”

It has been about a half dozen years since David or Dorothy Snyder held elected office in the Town of Roseland, but there was a time when they made up two thirds of the town council –creating a great deal of chaos.

“It was not legal what they did,” said Dorothy Snyder.

Dorothy says that the insurance carrier for the Town of Roseland paid the couple some $600,000 to settle lawsuits that mainly alleged unfair treatment at the hands of the Roseland police.

“We didn’t become rich and famous over that but they did have to compensate for those actions,” Dorothy said. “It was just amazing all the time that those people and then how these people got violent. They broke the law, they arrested me for something I had a legal right to do, they attacked David for being in a public meeting and he’s got lifelong injuries and disability from it.”

About a year and a half ago, the Snyder’s quietly moved to a 100 plus year old home in Michigan.

Given their history, the Snyder’s never again intended to get involved in governmental affairs until something worth fighting for landed in their own backyard.

“Problem is, the developer is from Indianapolis and just didn’t know the Snyder’s live within four houses,” joked David.

The Snyder’s are ready to rumble over plans to put a new CVS Drug Store a block away from their home on Niles Avenue, which they say would impact a ravine connected to Hickory Creek.

“And in that ravine we have seven wild turkeys four deer and a whole assortment of varmints. Not Roseland people, actually four legged varmints,” said David Snyder.

“There is a desire in St. Joe for some businesses like CVS and the neighbors here would like a CVS, but they don’t want it in the wetland ravine, in a historic neighborhood,” said Dorothy Snyder.

The proposed CVS project is slated to go before the St. Joseph City Commission on Monday and the Snyder’s will be there marking either their swan song, or comeback.