Silver Hawks get a visit from "The Hawk" Andre Dawson

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On Sunday, the Silver Hawks got a visit from "The Hawk."

2010 Hall of Famer and former Cubs great Andre Dawson threw out the first pitch and signed autographs for fans at the Cove.

Dawson was impressed with the Cove and said the Silver Hawks' players were "spoiled" for having such a great place to play.

Dawson himself only played two seasons in the minor leagues before being called up to the Major Leagues by the Montreal Expos. In 1987, he won the National League MVP with the Cubs.

After a 9-year wait, Dawson was named to the Hall of Fame in 2010. He remembers vividly the day he received the call for the hall. Dawson thought it might be coming so he visited the grave site of his mother and grandmother to thank them for all they did for him in his life.

He then went home and figured he'd get a phone call by 1pm to let him know he was in since the announcement to the world would come at 2pm. When 1:15 rolled around, Dawson decided to take a nap thinking the call wasn't to come. Five minutes later, the call came in and his journey to the Hall of Fame began.

"It does change your life to a degree because you are now looked at as a Hall of Famer," Dawson explains. "You hear Hall of Famer before your name and you hear that a great deal. To put that on a baseball--that's the inscription that a lot of people request now--it's an honor and privilege. It's something I'm very proud of."

There was a private meet and greet with Dawson before the game that cost fans $60 a person. A public autograph session took place from 2-3 for all fans. Even South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg snuck in the back door to shake hands with "The Hawk."

Dawson has a new book out called "If You Love this Game... an MVP's Life in Baseball."