Saying Goodbye: Skylar plays her last game in South Bend Monday Night

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From the first varsity game she played at South Bend Washington in November of 2005, Skylar Diggins appeared destined for greatness.

The hometown kid stayed at home, playing her college ball at Notre Dame and tonight she plays her final game in her backyard when the 2nd ranked Irish host #3 UConn in the regular season finale for both teams.

It's been a week long celebration for Diggins, who actually celebrated her Senior Night last Tuesday in a nailbiting win over Syracuse.

But no one can really believe it's almost over, especially Skylar.

"No I can't," Diggins says with a big smile in a 1-on-1 conversation with NewsCenter 16. "Time has flown by. I can remember my first game at Notre Dame against Arkansas Pine Bluff in an exhibition game. That felt like yesterday."

Tonight, it's her last game at Notre Dame---she still remembers her final home game at South Bend Washington.

"Oh yeah I do," Skylar says. "Against Benton Harbor and Destiny Williams. That was the loudest I ever heard Washington. I'm sure it will be similiar to that tonight."

It wasn't always destined by Skylar to end up at Notre Dame. In fact, she waited past Signing Day four years ago to make her decision and then made coach Muffet McGraw sweat it out.

Diggins was all set on choosing Stanford, woke up that morning and said, "what am I doing." She knew she had to stay close to home. The Irish were playing a home game that night but Diggins was late to the game, leaving Coach McGraw to think it wasn't going to end up the way they hoped. When Skylar arrived, she met the coaching staff in the locker room at halftime.

"She's looking at the stat sheet and all of a sudden she says, 'man you have a lot of guards. Where you all going to play me?'" Muffet recalls. "We just stopped for a second and then it was complete celebration, jubiliation and a big moment for the program."

Two hours later, Diggins announced to her family, friends, media and the fans of her college choice. Wearing her Washington letter jacket, Skylar would unbutton it to reveal a #4 Irish T-Shirt.

She stumbled a little over her words during her presentation.

"Yeah i was nervous," Skylar admits with a laugh. "That was the biggest decision I ever made in my 18 years. It was the best decision I ever made looking back on things."

She started as a South Bend Superstar and has grown into a global one. To date she has nearly 300,000 twitter followers--more than any other college athlete--male or female. She's the face of women's college basketball.

"It's a responsibility of mine to show my appreciation and to be someone that these young girls can look up to and know my hard work is paying off," Diggins explains. "I have everyone around me, my mom especially to thank for that to know I'm being me and people appreciate that."

She's led Notre Dame to two national title game appearances, and hopefully one more. Simply put, Skylar Diggins has been everything everyone could have asked for.

"I feel when she said yes, it was a win for the whole community of South Bend," McGraw says. "Everybody has been behind us for these four years--it's gone by so quickly and I know everyone will be sorry to see her go."

Skylar will be sad to see it end too.

"I'm extremely blessed to have been in a situation like this that my family and friends can be a part of my college experience," Skylar says. "To see all the fans in the crowd that have been supporting me since I was at Washignton and even before then has been special."