South Bend abortion clinic will close

An abortion clinic that has operated in South Bend for decades will close this Friday.

It remains to be seen if the closing is temporary or permanent.

“What we believe is going to happen, there’s going to be some sort of shut down of Dr. Klopfer’s operations and there will be the opportunity for him to go forward with the medical licensing board on his personal license and see whether he can reignite this operation but there is, there appears to be an end to the abortion clinic’s existence,” said Shawn Sullivan, the attorney for The Life Center.

Last June, the Indiana Department of Health moved to revoke the license of the Women’s Pavilion in South Bend citing numerous violations. Since then, the clinic has remained open as management appealed the license revocation. This week, the appeal was dropped on the day the clinic was scheduled to begin defending itself.

“This is a statute that says it’s a class A misdemeanor to violate the Informed Consent Law which requires that there be 18 hours in between the counseling given between an abortion and the actual abortion taking place,” said Sullivan. “We began reporting these last November when the ISDH, the Indiana State Department of Health came out to review those allegations they found ten out of ten violations. With that, they also received admission from Dr. Klopfer that is indeed how he was conducting his medical abortions.”

This isn’t the first time Dr. Klopfer has been in trouble for the way he conducts business. ”Dr. Klopfer, at one point in time, just three years ago, operated three different clinics (Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend) and this would be the remaining one so if this one closes down he wouldn’t be operating any in Indiana,” said Attorney Sullivan.

An agreement between the Women’s Pavilion and the Indiana State Department of Health specifies that the operation can’t apply for a new license for at least 90 days, which would appear to give Dr. Klopfer a chance to appeal a challenge to his personal medical license set for December.