Rare book finds its way to Notre Dame

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SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- A very rare book has found a new home on Notre Dame's campus.

It is part of a 1790 printing of the first Catholic version of the Bible printed in the US.

Today, fewer than 26 remain.

The Badin Bible used to belong to Rev. Stephen Badin, who was the first Roman Catholic priest ordained in the United States.

It was given to him by the first US bishop.

It's even more special to Notre Dame because Rev. Badin built a log chapel on the land that is now campus.

Today, the Bible was celebrated as it made its way into the school's" Rare Books and Special Collections" room in the Hesburgh Library.

“To see the material aspects we have of the American Catholic experience, this will add another layer to that and certainly many other scholars in history and theology will make use of this,” said Kathleen Cummings, of the Univ. of Notre Dame’s Dept. of American Studies.

The library will have several events to show off the Bible.

They will be open to the public.