Presidential candidates hit the campaign trail on Labor Day

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As many people around the country had Labor Day off and relaxed, several presidential candidates were out on the campaign trail.

At parades, picnics and speeches, many republican and democratic presidential hopefuls were reaching out to potential voters as the campaign season kicks off in earnest.

On Monday, all eyes were on Vice President Joe Biden, who's still leaving his supporters guessing about whether he might run. Biden looked like a candidate in the democratic stronghold of Pittsburgh, where he embraced the union members he'll need if he runs.

"When the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well and the poor have a way up. So organize, organize, organize," Biden said.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was in Iowa, where she's been losing ground in the polls and losing her voice.

The big surprise, however, was in New Hampshire, where Bernie Sanders is surging. He marched in the same parade as republican Carly Fiorina and John Kasich, whose suddenly second in New Hampshire polls.

Scott Walker is struggling to gain traction along with Lindsey Graham, who's fighting to be heard over the crowd.