New attraction to bring endangered animals to Potawatomi Zoo

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SOUTH BEND-- The Potawatomi Zoo announced that it broke ground on a new attraction that will bring elephants, gorillas, and other endangered animals to South Bend.

However, these animals will not be real.

On Thursday, the zoo announced that it will feature an endangered species carousel.

The spinning, musical attraction will features several types of animals that Potawatomi does not keep in its care.

It is planned that the carousel will be up and running in the spring of next year.

George Horn, the president of the Potawatomi Zoological Society, said, “We're doing this at the entrance--which really hasn't changed a lot in a number of years--is going to get a makeover not only from the carousel, but also in the second phase of the project. We'll be adding some rest rooms and gift shops up front so the whole look of the area of the zoo is going to change fairly dramatically.”

One new living addition to the zoo is Cooper, a sixth month old serval cat that is native to Africa. He can be seen in one of the new exhibits.