Possible tornado in Portland leaves five people injured

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PORTLAND, Mich. A possible tornado hit the small town of Portland in central Michigan Monday afternoon, injuring five people.

Police say an off-duty fireman rescued a mother and two small children who were trapped inside a Goodwill store that collapsed when the storm hit.

They were not injured.

The fire chief says the entire city is not secure because of multiple gas leaks.

Rescue crews are going door-to-door to make sure no one else is hurt or trapped in their homes.

Residents say it sounded like a tornado.

"Then pretty soon it went sideways and the walls started shaking and pictures falling off and before we knew it the roof was gone, it just lifted up the roof and it was gone," described Sue and Chuck Burns, a couple whose home was damaged.

Fire crews from the nearby city of Lansing and Michigan State Police are also aiding in search and rescue efforts.