UPDATE: 84 year old injured in home invasion

St. Joseph County, Ind. An 84 year old man and his caregiver were both beaten during what St. Joseph County Police are calling a home invasion.

“But we do not believe it was a random act in any way and at this point we don’t think that anybody else in the neighborhood really has anything to you know be concerned about,” said Lt. Matt Blank.

Police were called to the man’s home in the 54,000 block of 29th Street at about 3:00 Monday morning.

Although no shots were fired, it appears a weapon was used to assault the man. “The homeowner had some severe lacerations, it appears that a hand gun might have been used in the battery that occurred here,” said Lt. Blank. “And the female party (46 year old) also had some pretty extensive injuries as a result of some blunt force trauma to the face and head.”

Police believe the victims knew their attacker and that the assailant got away with a large sum of money. Officers say they have developed some “persons of interest” in the case.