Police: Apartment stabbing hoax endangered community

CLAY TOWNSHIP --- St. Joseph County Police continue to investigate a 911 call that sent 35 first responders to Georgetown Apartments late Sunday evening. Not only did police unnecessarily exhaust resources, they say the eventual hoax threatens public safety.

"We ask our folks to be pretty careful when they run emergent," said Asst. Chief Bill Thompson, of the St. Joseph County Police. "It's something putting our folks and other motorists in danger because sometimes, a lot of things happen when vehicles run lights and sirens."

Like crashes -- though St. Joe County Police teaches its fleet ways to avoid collisions.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sheriff Mike Grzegorek says a male caller reportedly rang the front desk line at the South Bend Police Department. The call was transferred to 911 dispatch. The man claimed to have stabbed his wife in the 1300 block of Squire Drive at the Georgetown Apartments in Clay Township. He said he had two weapons and would kill a 4-year-old child when police arrived.

"It doesn't get much worse than one of those deals. I can only imagine what those guys were going through," Thompson said.

Within minutes, the SWAT team, patrol cars, and emergency vehicles swarmed the apartment complex. After further investigation, police determined someone made a "prank call." All residents within the apartment were uninjured.

"What folks don't think about is how many folks are put in jeopardy by something like this. It's a potential danger for our folks, motorists involved as we respond to a scene," said Thompson.

He added the situation heightened fear in the apartment complex.

The St. Joseph County Police Cyber Crimes Unit is looking into who made the prank call. Anyone with information should call St. Joseph County Police or Michiana Crime Stoppers.