Plymouth High School students hold Dance Marathon for Riley Children's Hospital

Students at Plymouth High School spent their Saturday busting a move to raise money for Riley Children's Hospital.

The Dance Marathon lasted eight hours, which ended at half time during Saturday's basketball game.

Dancing kicked off at noon with speeches from one of Plymouth High School's very own Riley "success story" talking about his childhood experience receiving life-saving treatment.

From then on it was dancing, snacks, and games.

What inspired them to dance nonstop?

Students say it's because they see the direct benefits of the money raised.

Kennedy Harless, a Plymouth High School senior said, "I would definitely say my favorite part is knowing that it's going towards helping other people. It's not money that we raise, and 'oh, we're just sending it to a hospital and we don't know what it goes towards.' But we do know what it goes towards."

Organizers say in four years they've donated more than $87,000 to the Riley Hospital for Children and that does not account for all the money raised Saturday.