Plans to improve downtown Niles and riverfront

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Officials from the Michigan Municipal League are calling on the public's input on how downtown Niles can improve on the successes of Main Street and the riverfront area.

Niles Main Street Facade Restoration and Building Remodels is recognized across the state as a very successful program that other communities seek to learn from. Officials are developing a plan to continue increasing activity to the downtown area.

They are working on a plan to improve the city's Riverfront Park, trail system and vacant parcels along the river.

Vacant land north of the Wonderland Theatre, the site of the old YMCA and fire and police stations are prominent sights near the river that they would like to develop.

Officials are looking ahead to the end of the year, when the Main Street Bridge is expected to be finished.

Niles is among seven communities selected to receive assistance with economic development projects designed to attract and keep residents and employers.

In a meeting on Monday night at Niles City Hall, city officials and community members discussed how to keep improving the city's downtown and the riverfront area.

They will be working on the plan for the next several months and the city is looking for residents’ input.