Pet Vet: National Veterinary Technician Week

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When you go to the veterinarian, you expect good things to happen and your pet is the beneficiary; and the vet often gets all of the credit.

But if you look closely, your veterinarian is surrounded by a vigilant health care team led by “veterinary technicians”.

This is the week (Oct. 11-17) to celebrate Veterinary Technicians and our Pet Vet Dr. David Visser joined us to talk about these irreplaceable partners in a veterinary practice.

A vet tech can have a lot of different roles, including but not limited to:

-Laboratory technician
-Radiology technician
-Dental technician
-Procedure nurse
-Emergency pet care
-Pet behavior specialist
-Management roles

If you want to contact Dr. Visser, you can reach him at the Center for Animal Health by calling 888-PETS-VETS or you can email him at