Park temporarily closing for deer hunting

More than 100 hunters will be at Potato Creek State Park over the next two days, hoping to take home a deer.

Potato Creek is one of 14 Indiana state parks offering the two day hunt as a way to control the deer population.

Hunters are allowed to shoot up to three deer apiece, including one buck.

Naturalist Tim Cordell says this year, 144 hunters were selected.

Cordell says too many deer in the park leads to problems including tree damage and a shortage of native plants and shrubs.

“When we started this back in 1995, we had an extremely large deer population and we needed to reduce that. Now, we need to maintain it at a lower level. Deer normally have twins. So, if you do nothing, the population will double in about two years' time period. So, you can't just do it once, and say 'OK, we fixed the problem' and then walk away,” says Cordell

The park will reopen to the public on Wednesday.

Cordell says Potato Creek will host another two-day hunt on November 30th and December 1st.