Notre Dame student was not "abducted"

Perhaps it was too ‘bad’ to be true.

Early Saturday morning a Notre Dame student reported he was abducted and robbed while walking on campus.

Now, police say it never happened.

“I’ve always been a firm believer if you didn’t do it, you don’t’ have anything to worry about,” said retired South Bend Police Officer John Williams.

The story fell apart on Tuesday morning when the most wanted men in Michiana went looking for John Williams. “I went to a house that they give, the uncle of one of the three, I know him, he gave me the address, told me where to go get them, I said, ‘okay, I’ll go get them.’”

The university had earlier released surveillance photos of two of the three men who allegedly abducted the student. On Tuesday morning, with the help of retired officer Williams, the men voluntarily turned themselves in and told their version of the story.

“I didn’t get into a whole lot of detail but they said that they did not abduct him,” said John Williams.

Late Tuesday, in a written statement, the university concluded that the student was actually several miles away from campus when he entered the car of the three men in question.
Police also found no evidence of abduction and insufficient evidence to warrant robbery charges.

“And right now I'm wondering where is the punishment going to be for that young man that dreamed this story up?,” asked John Williams, who feared the situation could have turned out a lot worse. “If these guys, or Notre Dame or South Bend would have found out where they were at, they would have called out the SWAT Team, kicked in the door and somebody could have got hurt real bad because of what this student concocted.”

The story seems to have done its fair share of damage to campus confidence. “I’m not going to like I was pretty frightened and it’s pretty awful that somebody could be picked up on campus, and then just like from campus, taken and robbed. It’s like, I don’t know, I feel like this is my home, I feel safe here and my sense of security is pretty shot,” said student Nico Garcia.

Not a single student NewsCenter 16 approached for comment about mid-day today had heard the news that the alleged crimes—never happened. “I guess that stuns me even more,” said Garcia. “It’s just, blows my mind.”