WNDU helps host Notre Dame's 29-hour webcast

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Notre Dame alumni and fans around the world are celebrating all things Irish.

Former Irish hoops coach Digger Phelps kicked off "Notre Dame Day" a 29 hour webcast on watchnd.com which includes interviews and performances from Irish clubs, educational departments and sports teams.

WNDU's own Tricia Harte, a Notre Dame alum, was among the hosts Sunday evening.

The event kicked off at 6:42 p.m., which represents the start date of the university in 1842.

A dominating win by Dillon Hall over Alumni Hall in tug of war showed the spirit on opening night.

“Not just the alumni, parents or people around the world, it's the Notre Dame network, and it starts here. So what you're seeing with these competitions around the dorms is the real spirit and life where these students, men and women, go out and compete and have a real good day,” said Phelps

WNDU's own Terry and Maureen McFadden, Tricia Sloma and Jeff Jeffers will all be hosts Monday when the broadcast continues until midnight.