Nine sisters celebrate mom's 90th birthday running a race

NILES, Mich. --- The Suter sisters packed together for the Cat Tracks 5K on Saturday to celebrate their mom's 90th birthday weekend.

It didn't matter if they won their age group or walked some, the Suter sisters made a statement at the Cat Tracks 5K run in Niles. On Saturday morning, the ladies in blue took the starting line alongside their brother and extended family (grandchildren and in-laws included). But they came together to celebrate something else.

"We were coming here for my mom's 90th birthday," said Jennifer Scott, the youngest Suter sister, "so Suzanne (another Suter) found this race on the weekend we were all going to be here. She said we were all doing this race together."

Jennifer had no choice -- she and Suzanne (Suter-Lowe) are training for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. Still, it was something for the nine to do on their mother's birthday weekend.

"I think it's wonderful, yes!" said Betty Suter. "It's just interesting to see them all coming in and doing this."

The sisters, in order of age, are: Martha, Mary, Jean, Nancy, Dorothy, Barb, Margaret, Suzanne, and Jennifer.

The ladies came from near and far -- Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Kansas, Minnesota, Maryland, and Michiana.

A Suter brother joined the sisters. Bob Suter, one of Betty's four sons, cheered from the sidelines.

"The most important thing is we're all together. [Mom] likes that we all get together -- all 13 of us," Bob said.

21 members of the Suter clan ran Cat Tracks. 42 people are in town for Betty's birthday.