New clinic opens in South Bend

South Bend, Ind. They seem to be popping up everywhere, new health care clinics.

Well Thursday, Physicians Urgent Care celebrated the grand opening of its second clinic in South Bend on East Ireland Road.

The walk-in clinic is equipped with x-rays, lab testing and multiple exam rooms. It can treat patients with non-life threatening injuries and illnesses and preform minor surgical procedures. But what will this clinic cost you as a possible patient?

Well, the president and CEO says they're all about being transparent when it comes to what you pay.

They have a pricing plan for uninsured patients with set-rates that start at $125 for things like colds, to $225 for stitches.

“We basically provide a solution that is faster and better and more affordable for patients, so there is a real need and growing need for our services in the community,” says Stan Blaylock the President and CEO of the Physicians Urgent Care.

Now, he says as a result of health care reform more folks will need to be treated at places like urgent care because they can't get access at times to their primary care physicians and they don't want to go to the E.R. So, he says this new clinic provides that place for patients.