Neighboring employees worried over 'Check into Cash' armed robbery

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An armed robbery, turned foot-pursuit in South Bend is still being investigated Wednesday.

Traffic has returned to normal at the 3600 block of Portage Ave.

However, Tuesday night, the area was blocked for several hours.

Just after 5 p.m., South Bend police responded to an alarm call at Check into Cash.

“As the officers approached they observed, called out the radio, man with a gun running across street. They gave foot chase. Ordered him to stop, drop his weapon,” said Asst. Commander Dave Wells, St. Joe County Metro Homicide

This took police into a wooded area near Hurwich Farms Apartment Complex.

Police say the suspect, 26-year-old Avery Ray, now in custody, didn't obey officer orders.

Instead they say he turned to face officers and pointed his gun.

“One of the officers, in fear for his own safety, obviously, fired at the suspect,” said Wells.

Now, that fear has caught up with neighboring store employees.

Casandra Gallegos is a shift manager at Pizza Hut.

The armed robbery happened just a few stores down.

“We was very shooken up, terrified, 'cuz, it could have been us,” said Casandra Gallegos, Shift Manager, Pizza Hut.

Gallegos says when she saw the first cop car, she didn't think too much of it.

“Then not even five minutes later, a whole bunch of cop cars came, and we're looking, guns are out and everything, and the driver said he seen them next door, and I'm like, maybe they got robbed,” said Gallegos.

Following protocol, Gallegos called her boss, and was instructed to close the store.

In less than two weeks, Check into Cash will move directly next to Pizza Hut.

“I've never been in [Check into Cash], but I’ve driven by and I seen that there's no glass for safety. So…maybe they could change it up when they move next door,” said Gallegos.

Pizza Hut is back in business, and so is Check into Cash.

Understandably so, it'll take some time to get over Tuesday night's incident.

Charges aren't being filed Wednesday; the prosecutor’s office is closed to observe Veterans Day.

However, a decision on charges against Ray will be determined Thursday.