Navy submarine officers serve dinner in Elkhart

Commander Jesse Zimbauer serves a plate of food to one mother at Child and Parent Services in Elkhart.
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In a few years, Indiana's namesake submarine will ship out for its first mission.

On Thursday evening, a few officers from that crew spent time with families in Elkhart.

Crew members from the SSN Indiana were at Child and Parent Services of Elkhart County to serve dinner.

The men served up plates to parents and kids.

The sailors say the effort is meant to encourage families to spend more time together, especially since October is domestic violence awareness month.

“The fundamentals that we kind of forget about that are very important pieces in building families in america, which is sitting down having dinner, interacting, having conversations versus texting or on the computer,” Master Chief LaFrederick Herring said.

The SSN Indiana is currently being built in Virginia.

The fast attack sub is slated to be ready by the summer of 2017.